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PowerPoint is to be used to prepare slides and handouts for your Product Comparison Presentation assignment.

PowerPoint is fun to use and presentations made with PowerPoint are fun to watch!

Content and analysis of the products you are comparing in most important. 
However, to keep you audience's attention demonstrate your prowess with PowerPoint Techniques including:

bullet Incorporate text and graphics from a web page
bulletAdding and customizing  WordArt
bulletPutting graphics behind text
bulletAssign a hyperlink to text or graphics on a PowerPoint slide that invokes a web page
bulletUsing fun Auto shapes from the Drawing toolbar
bulletSelect Page transitions
bulletInstruct Customized Animation to vary the entrance behavior of text and graphics
bulletUse a template that most folk have not seen
bulletAvoid common mistakes (watch this funny video)

Slides should contain 20 of fewer words - just the MOST important points.  Check the Product Comparison Presentation Hints too. See Evaluation sheet.

To incorporate text or a picture from a web page, copy it to the clipboard. 
For text highlight it first.  For a graphic, move the pointer near the middle. 
Then copy either by typing Ctrl+C or right click and select Copy.
In the PowerPoint window, make sure nothing is selected and then click the paste icon.
Move and/or size your graphic.  For added interest, rotate a bit.

To put a graphic behind text.  Right click on it.  Select Order and then Send to back.

To assign hyperlink to a graphic or bit of text on a slide:

bulletSelect it (highlight if text, click for handles it a graphic)
bulletClick the icon, the globe with the paperclip or Right Click and choose Hyperlink
bulletGo to the Browser window ( on the bottom) of the page to which you wish to link
bulletHighlight the URL (address on top) and right click and copy it
bulletReturn to the PowerPoint window.
bulletThe address should be there  if not
Paste the URL that you just copied by typing Ctrl+V

The Drawing toolbar had all kinds of goodies.  Experiment!  Remember there is always the Undo icon.

The blue A brings up Word Art.  The red-head guy is for clip art.  Enter a few words (5 or fewer). 
Try all the stuff on the WordArt tool bar. 
See Microsoft tutorial.

You can draw rectangles or ovals or use the AutoShapes have hundreds of shapes that you can:

bulletsize either proportionally or make taller or fatter
bulletcolor (use the paint can and drop down next to it),
bulletcolor the lines around (use the paint brush) or change the with or dottedness of the border lines
bulletadd shadows and 3D (the 2 icons all the way to the right) and type text into.
bulletput it partial behind another shape or words

Page Transitions are selected from the Slide Show menu. 
PowerPoint show you a quick preview, but you then don't see it with your slide until you use the slide show icon
(the last one on the bottom that looks like a toilet)

Custom Animations dialog is selected either from the slide show menu or the yellow star icon that is typically hiding all the way to the right .of the top toolbar.  The for each object, title, text , graphic:

  1. Select it
  2. Go to the Effects tab
  3. Select an effect (there are all sorts of choices:  effect (fly in, dissolve, swirl, checkerboard, blinds!), by group or word, sound and what to do when effect is complete
  4. Preview it
  5. Select another object

Objects that are not selected for animation will appear first

Make your presentation different.  Use a template that most folk have not seen and download it from:

 Microsoft Office Online Microsoft itself has 100's of templates that each take several screen to download.

powerpoint templates has Templates for sale and for free and the templates have 2 and 3 masters sop you intro slide can be busy and subsequent slides less busy so your text stands out

powerpoint projector Presentation Helper has some templates and some interesting sounds

Free PowerPoint templates, backgrounds, other graphics for business and educational use!


But don't overdo it ...
www.elmhurst.edu/library/courses/eng/WorstPresentationEverStandAlone.ppt#256,1,Quite Possibly The World’s Worst PowerPoint Presentation Ever

Finally some laughs

Power(Point) Ballad


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