NJCEA 30th Annual Spring Conference

Saturday, 31 March 2007

Caroline D. Schwartz College of Nursing/Arts and Sciences Hall, Seton Hall University

Please note:  this is not the final program.  Changes may still be made (and posted to this site).  please notify Mia Zamora of any mis-spellings or name or title changes.  Thank you!













Keynote Address: 9:00am to 9:45am (Nursing 113)

“Readings and Reflections.”  Valerie Wilson Wesley, award-winning and bestselling author of mysteries and adult & children’s fiction

Session 1: 10:00am to 11:15am 

Panel 1A:  Gender, Interiority & Modernist Fiction (Nursing 109) 

Session Chair: Stephen Paul Miller, St. John’s University

“The Tragic Conflict of Lacan’s Imaginary & Real Order as Revealed in Joyce’s ‘The Dead’” Matthew Kochis, Seton Hall University

“Breaking Out of ‘A Room with a View’” Jennifer Pennacchio, Seton Hall University

“Finding the Feminine: Kate Swift and Elizabeth Willard and Their Relationship to the ‘Other’” Melanie Bussiere, Seton Hall University

Panel 1B: American Literature: Music and Text (Arts & Sciences 105)

Chair: Mary McAleer Balkun, Seton Hall University

“How ‘Cool’ is the ‘Sound of Sense?’ Robert Frost’s Poetry and Miles Davis’ Music” Roger Sedarat, BMCC/CUNY

“Whitman and Opera” Robert McParland, Felician College

"Refugee from the Natural World: Woody Guthrie’s 'Dust Bowl Ballads' " Edward Shannon, Ramapo College

Panel 1C: Reflections in Reader Response (Arts & Sciences 102)

Chair: Mónica Peláez, Ramapo College

“The Necessary Fear of God in John Donne’s Holy Sonnets” Peter Moccia, Seton Hall University

 “Reading Moll Flanders Sara Ben-David, Seton Hall University

 “Poe’s Effacement of the Female Muse” Mónica Peláez, Ramapo College

 “Reproducing Feminism in Gilman’s ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’” Asha Nadkarni, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

 Panel 1D: Writing about Food (Arts & Sciences 106)

 Chair: Loren Hoekzema, Fitchburg State College, Fitchburg, MA

 “Boeuf en Daube: Mrs. Ramsay’s “Triumph’…Yet, Again (A Nod to the Gourmand)” Howard J. Scheiber

 “Women and Men Who Cook: Marge Piercy’s “What’s That Smell in the Kitchen?’” Dolores DeLuise, Borough of Manhattan Community College/CUNY

 “Eating Nails: Hunger in A Tree Grows in BrooklynJoyce Zonana, Borough of Manhattan Community College

 Panel 1E: Teaching Literature in the Composition Class: Why, What and How (Nursing 107)

 Chair: Gita DasBender, Seton Hall University

 “Teaching Composition in the Context of a Campus Writing Initiative: A Director’s Perspective” Ellen Spaldo, Fairleigh Dickinson University

 “Assignment Sequencing and the Composing Process: It’s All About Ideas” Gita DasBender, Seton Hall University

 "Using the Interpretation Game in the Literature Classroom: How Rules Liberate" Edmund Jones, Seton Hall University

 Panel 1F: Poets Among Us: NJCEA Poets Read Their Work (Nursing 103)

 Chair: Maxine Susman, Caldwell College

 Christine Redman-Waldeyer, Passaic County Community College      

 Daniel Zimmerman, Middlesex County College           

 Maxine Susman, Caldwell College

 Jim Tolan, Borough of  Manhattan Community College

Coffee Break: 11:15 – 11:30 (Nursing 102) 

Session 2: 11:30am – 12:45 pm

Panel 2A: Literature of Exile & Diaspora (Nursing 109)

Chair: Mia Zamora, Kean University

“’Good life, good people, good country, no camps’:  Fiction & Memoir of the Egyptian Jewish Diaspora” Joyce Zonana, Borough of Manhattan Community College

“An Orphan of (National) Meaning: The ‘Rascal of History,’ Exile and the ‘Radical Unthought’ in Abdelwahab Meddeb’s Talismano Jeff Shalan, Union County College

 “Irish Diaspora Becomes Generational Displacement in Mary Gordon’s The Other Side” Lew Livesay, Saint Peter’s College

 “South Asian Women Writers and the Literature of Diaspora” Nira Gupta-Casale, Kean University

 Panel 2B: Teaching American Literature: University and High-School Approaches (Arts & Sciences 105)

Chair: Bernard Weinstein, Kean University/ Organizer: Dean Casale, Kean University

 “Teaching American Literature through the Body” Mary Balkun, Seton Hall University

 “Myth and Myth-making in American Literature” Richard Marranca, Passiac Community College

 “Keywords: Tracing the American Imaginary” Dean Casale, Kean University

 Panel 2C: How to Use Innovative Media in Lit and Drama Courses (Nursing 107)

 Chair: Ted Price, Montclair State University

 “A Sure-Fire Way to Teach ‘The Waste Land’ Ted Price, Montclair State University

“Innovative Media from Perspective of Univ. of Calcutta Lecturer” Mahua Chatterjee-Mukherje, Rutgers University-Camden

“Reading Margaret Atwood with Harry Potter.” Candice M. Kaup, Rutgers University-Camden

“My TV: Connecting Children to Drama Through the Media” Rebecca (Becky) J. Collier, New York University

Panel 2D: Creative Nonfiction (Nursing 103)

 Chair: Kelly A. Shea, Seton Hall University

 "If You Don't Laugh, You'll Cry": Tales of a Gringa y Nueva Profesora” Elizabeth Canada, Southwest Early College/Community College of Denver

 “A Good Enough Parent?” Evelyn Codd, Seton Hall University

 "Babe" Ben DeBlock, Seton Hall University

 “Playing” Richard Goodness, Seton Hall University

 “DIP” Stephen Paul Miller, St. John’s University

 Panel 2E: The Middle Ages I (Arts & Sciences 102)

 Chair: Burt Kimmelman, NJIT

 “Herod’s On-stage Death and the Audience: The Possibilities of Reflective ‘Time Travel’” Carolyn Coulson-Grigsby, Centenary College

 “Fetish and Self-Referentiality in The Book of the Duchess, Peter Donahue, Seton Hall University 

“(In)visible Bodies: Delight and Desire in Two Lays of Marie de France,” Thomas Hawks, Seton Hall University

 “Textual Supplantment from Rome to Syria and Northumbria in the Man of Law’s Tale:  Overcoming the Pagan, Mother-Hag,”  Andrea Braunius, Drew University

 Lunch & Business Meeting 1:00 – 2:15 (Jubilee Hall Atrium, 4th floor)

 Session 3: 2:30-3:45

Panel 3A: Poetry-Criticism: Logic, Standardized Testing, Mental Health, and Lenguaje (Arts & Sciences 106)

Chair: Stephen Paul Miller, St. John's University

“The Standard Poem-Essay” Johanna Roed, St. John’s University

“Secret Agency: Insanity of and in the System”  Holly Delaney-Wade, St. John's University

“Lenguaje” Alexsys Echevarria, St. John’s University

“I Predict I’m Wrong” Stephen Paul Miller, St. John's University

Panel 3B: Writers of the American Renaissance (Arts & Sciences 105)

 Chair: John Gruesser, Kean University

 “The Scarlet ‘A’ in Ambiguity” Matthew Marino, Seton Hall University

 “Poe’s Pym:  A Response to Shakespeare’s The Tempest & Nineteenth Century Perceptions of Race” Jason Price, Seton Hall University

 "Taking Sexy Back: Walt Whitman's Rebellion Against Nineteenth-Century Popular Literature in Song of Myself" Ryan McConnell, Seton Hall University

 Panel 3C: Comics and Graphic Novels (Nursing 103)

 Chair: Edward A. Shannon, Ramapo College of NJ

 “Addams Family Values:  Entering the Gothic in Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home and David B.’s Epileptic Theresa M. Tensuan, Haverford College

 “Daydreams and Marketing: Winsor McCay, Robert Crumb, and the Graphic Novel” Edward A. Shannon/ Ramapo College of NJ

 “Grant Morrison and Matt Fraction Versus the Graphic NovelGeoff Klock,  Balliol College, Oxford University

 Panel 3D: Composition and the ESL Student (Nursing 107)

 Chair: Christine Redman-Waldeyer, Passaic County Community College

 “Cross-Cultural Composition: A Renewed Awareness of Diverse Language Histories through the Dialogic Classroom” William Magrino, Passaic County Community College

 “Bridging the Gap: Finding Common Ground in the Culturally Diverse English Classroom of the 21st Century” E. Ophelia Johnson, Middlesex County College

 “Finding the Universal Language:  A Setting for the American Classroom” Christine Redman-Waldeyer, Passaic County Community College

 Panel 3E: Victorian Views (Nursing 109)

 Chair: Daniel Gover, Kean University

 “The Subversion of the Victorian Childhood Ideals in Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland” Rosalinda Simone, Seton Hall University

 “Which is to be master – that’s all’:  The Imperialism of the Egg” Jessica Burke, Seton Hall University

 “Claiming the Feminine in Hopkins” Matthew Clemente, Seton Hall University

 Panel 3F:  Teaching King Lear: Theory vs Praxis (Arts & Sciences 102)

 Chair:  Kevin Huvane, Drew University

 “Our Dirty Little Secret: Not One Lear but Two" Michael Basile,  NJCU   

 "'What wretches feel': Teaching Class Issues in King Lear" Brandon Fralix, Drew University

 "'I am a very foolish, fond old man': Teaching Sensitivity for the Elderly Through King Lear" Elaina Given, Drew University

 "Teaching Lear with a Lacanian Gaze" Kevin Huvane, Drew University

 “The Once and Future Lear" Kathryn Inskeep,  Drew University

 Coffee Break 3:45 – 4:00 (Nursing 102)

 Session 4:  4:00 – 5:15

 Panel 4A:  Race & Representation:  Bodies in American Cultural History ( Nursing 109)

 Chair:  Mia Zamora, Kean University

 “Trauma, Adoption, and Identity Recovery in Lee’s A Gesture Life Lori Jirousek, New York Institute of Technology

 “’desuñados, destroncados, destripados’: Hybridity and the language of pain” Christina Dilkes, County College of Morris

 “Jerome Kern’s Showboat:  A Vessel for Race in American Cultural History” Daniel Gover, Kean University

 Panel 4B:  Willa Cather (Arts & Sciences 106)

 Chair:   Mary Meeks, Union County College

 “Whose Àntonia is she Anyway?” Sarah Palmer, Seton Hall University

 “The Bohemian Prairie Woman Perspective: Marie Shabata in Willa Cather's O Pioneers!Erin Curley, Seton Hall University

 “The Mother within the Fictional Dialogue between Faulkner and Cather” Jeevan Gurung, Drew University

 “The Grasping Hand that Rocks the Cradle & Willa Cather’s ‘The Joy of Nelly Dean’” Dennis Coyle, Drew University

 Panel 4C:  ROUNDTABLE - Entering the Academic Profession (Nursing 103)

 Chair:  John Gruesser, Kean University

 Stephen Paul Miller, St. John's University;  Monica Pelaez, Ramapo College;  Kevin Huvane, Drew University;  Mary Ann Miller, Caldwell College

 Panel 4D:  New Approaches to the American Novel (Arts & Sciences 105)

 Chair: Mary McAleer Balkun, Seton Hall University

 “The Algerine Captive: Sovereignty and the Body/Politic” Marie Somers, Seton Hall University

 "''A' is for Antinomian: Radical Protestant Theology in The Scarlet Letter" Carter Kaplan, Belmont Technical College

 “Henry James’s Naturalized Silence” Marie Leone Meyer, Verona High School

 Panel 4F:  The Middle Ages II (Arts & Sciences 102)

 Chair:  Susannah Chewning, Union County College

 “An Outlaw in the High Places: Space and Time at the Borderlands of Medieval Romance” Angela Jane Weisl, Seton Hall University

 “The Spread of Literacy and the Paradigm of the Poet Laureate in Fourteenth-Century Literature” Burt Kimmelman, New Jersey Institute of Technology

 “‘The Hazel and Hawthorne were intertwined’: Embroidering over Anonymity in Sir Gawain and the Green KnightPhilip Schochet, Seton Hall University

 Reception, Awards, Book Raffle  5:30 - 6:00  (Nursing 102)