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Interpreting Spoken Language Certificate Program

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The Interpreting Spoken Language Program trains bilingual individuals in the basic skills needed for professional work in interpreting and translating. Union County College offers three courses as part of a certificate program. Students from all language backgrounds may study in the program.

LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS. A high-level of proficiency in English and at least one other language is required for entrance into these courses. The College provides a placement test in English. Those wishing to study in this course must finish all developmental English and ESL requirements before registering for interpreting courses. Evaluation in one's other language is done by the student her/himself or in consultation with the coordinator of the program. It is recommended that the student have some college education in that language and be fluent both in speaking and writing.


INT 101 Interpreting I focuses on the skills necessary for consecutive interpreting, the mode in which the student waits for the speaker to finish talking before interpreting into the target language. This is a slow and accurate form of interpreting that allows the class a chance to start to appreciate all the complexities of the interpreting process. Students become comfortable with their basic abilities as well. This mode of interpreting is also an important skill for working in certain court situations. The course is a prerequisite for continuing to study in the remaining two courses.

INT 102 Interpreting II offers training in simultaneous interpreting and sight translation. Students gain at least a basic level of competence in simultaneously interpreting from one language to another, i.e. listening to one language while saying the same thing in the target language. Sight translation refers to the rendering of written text in the source language into spoken language in the target.

INT 105 The Role of the Interpreter provides students with valuable information about professional issues related to employment in the field of interpreting and translating. Students learn the ancillary skills for building a career as a free lance language professional.

TRN 101 Introduction to Translation gives students training and experience in translating written documents from a source language into a target language.  Students learn to use dictionaries, and other reference tools in order to create accurate and faithful texts.  Most work is done from other languages into English.  Language consultants are used to evaluate texts the students produce in other languages. This course is worth three credits and combines online and classroom instruction. 

Students interested in interpreting may take the INT or TRN courses alone or as part of the certificate program. The following courses are required in order to obtain the certificate in Interpreting Spoken Languages:

INT 101 Consecutive Interpreting 3
INT 102 Simultaneous Interpreting 3
INT 105 Role of the Interpreter 3
TRN 101 Introduction to Translation 3
ENG 101 or

ENG 111, 112

English Composition 3
ENG 128 Dynamics of Communication 3
ENG 129 Public Speaking 3
Math or science 3
Social science 3
Humanities 3
Total 30

* Courses that satisfy this requirement are listed in the college catalog.

For information about the College's tuition and fee schedule is available in the College catalog and on the College website. Students who reside outside of Union county may be eligible for a partial refund of tuition through the chargeback program. Direct inquiries about the chargeback program to the Admissions Office on any campus.

OFFERINGS for next semester:

For January of 2015, we are offering three courses.  INT 102-071 Simultaneous Interpreting will run on Wednesdays from 6:30 PM until 9:10 PM in Elizabeth beginning January 21, 2014.  INT 105-071 The Role of the Interpreter will run on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 9:10 PM beginning January 27. TRN 101-300 Introduction to Translation will be taught as an online course and is open to register until January 28. All of these courses are required for the certificate and are open to speakers of any language. Registration will be open for these courses starting in November. Students may register for these classes until January 20.   

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