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MAT022 Assignments

MAT022 Introduction to Algebra  

Text:  Understanding Elementary Algebra
           5th Edition
           Goodman & Hirsch
           West Publishing Co.


         Integers/Order of Operation

          Linear Equations in One Unknown

          Word Problems

          Rational Equations

Exponents & Polynomials


         Rational Expressions/More Equations

         Radical Expressions & Equations

         Quadratic Equations

         Linear Graphs

         Systems of Linear Equations  

The book is followed closely; however, supplementary material may be introduced as well.


Attendance It is important to attend class to learn the material properly. Students are responsible for learning material and completing assignments missed due to absence. Refer to the web site or consult with a classmate for assignments. Make-up opportunities are not guaranteed for students with chronic absences. Missing half a class or more will be counted as an absence. Be aware of college policy as outlined in the handbook. Poor attendance may lower grades.

Participation Pay attention! Ask and answer questions as necessary.

Classwork Occasionally, assignments may be given in class for submission.

Homework Assignments are given regularly and must be completed by the next class when it is reviewed. Homework is not generally collected, but may be on occasion.

Tests There will be three topic tests announced approximately one week in advance. Always be neat and show all work as partial credit may be given. However, grades are not negotiable. There are no make-up tests. Instructor discretion will be exercised. Only one make-up opportunity may be considered and granted per semester, and must be completed by the next class meeting. Students must contact the instructor within 24 hours of the absence to make arrangements.

Final Exam A cumulative final exam will be administered to everyone, no exemptions.

Basic Skills Test Passing the NJBST is one of the requirements for passing this course. It will be given at the end the semester.

Calculators are not permitted.


A point system is used to calculate grades. The ratio of points earned to total points possible multiplied by 100 yields the grade at any given time. Please keep a record of grades; keeping returned assignments is advised.

Grade Scale

A  90 - 100

B+ 87 - 89

B  80 - 86

C+ 77 - 79

C  70 - 76

D+ 67 - 69

D  60 - 66

F  below 60

A grade of 'C' in this course is required to continue to the next mathematics course.

Extra help is available during office hours. Appointments are advised. If any scheduled appointment cannot be kept, please contact the instructor promptly to cancel, or to reschedule. Please get help as soon it is apparent it is needed; do not wait until the day before a test. Good attendance is required to receive extra help. In addition, free tutoring is available in the Academic Learning Center on a walk-in basis during operating hours.

Extra Credit: Occasionally, extra credit opportunities may be given in class. There will be absolutely no make-up opportunities for extra credit work. All students may choose to hand in a summary outline of semester notes for approximately 12 points. This assignment is due at the beginning of the final exam. It will not be accepted late. It must be legible, typed is preferred. Good attendance and classroom behavior is required to receive credit for this assignment.

Withdrawals All withdrawals must be done officially by the college's posted deadline. Late withdrawals will not be approved unless there are unusual extenuating circumstances.

* College policy requires permission of the Department before students may register for a third attempt of a particular course. No third attempts will be allowed for any mathematics course unless the student involved successfully completes the prerequisite for that course immediately before the third attempt. No fourth attempts will be permitted except in extremely unusual circumstances.

References may be provided for students with a good attendance and work record. It is proper protocol to obtain permission to list someone as a reference. All requests must be in writing with pertinent information. Please allow two weeks for completion of this request.

Please read General Policies

MAT022 Assignments