Your performance will be evaluated in the form of portfolio assessment. You are required to take 5 tests; to submit multicultural project; to submit 5 assignments; and to participate in discussion forums and in live chat.

Grading Summary

Test 1 25 points
Test 2 25 points
Test 3 35 points
Test 4 35 points
Test 5 30 points
5 Assignments 40 points
Multicultural project 10 points
Total Points 200 points

 Grading Scale and formula
Your final grades for the course are determined by the sum of all the points you earned during the semester.
A 200- point grading scale is used.

A= 180-200 B+=171-179
B=160-170 C+=151-159
C=140-150 D+=131-139
D=120-130 F=below 119 and below

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